I've got your back against counterfeit securities

Our family has been Swat Teamed twice, Mom's car stolen, animals poisoned, our family memories and property all stolen. Mom almost committed suicide and had a stroke. And folks, this is just the tip of the iceberg, readers digest version! What does it take for Congress and our Public Servants to protect us? Why is Mom/Grandma/Billie having to do all the fighting to protect us? To get our inheritance back? Take a stand with us and let's end Financial Crimes Against Humanity!


These are filings done to bring evidence and awareness to the court . Powers invokes that the "Three Attorneys" have no standing to speak as witness and counsel.  Powers invokes that all causes of actions dismissed were premature as no defendants have  come forth and there is no controversy as these documents speak loudly to. 

Fourth Amended Complaint

Powers got her fourth amended complaint filed on October 12, 2018 , meeting Judge Carters extension deadline.

Fourth Amended complaint Powers v BONYM et alDownload
Request for Judicial NoticeDownload
notice of request to compel title insurer commonwealth to provide coverageDownload
ALERT Letter to Judge sent in Oct 2015Download


Billie sharing what she believes to be the SILVER BULLET AGAINST BANK FRAUD! 


William Wagner of on Second Thought production interviews the SLEDGEHAMMER TEAM following the historic case to INDICT THE BANKERS! Listen and learn that the Banks are operating in FRAUD without authority to do business in the Several States!


There is no loan

There is no cash

You are the bank

Where is the Collateral Deposit?

All debts are prepaid

Listen about the case  working hard to end FINANCIAL CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY!

Powers v The Bank Of New York Mellon et al.

Powers Family Memories of Home

Every family has stories of home, here are some memories of ours. Our home was stolen at gun point by the Orange County Sheriffs, on September 21, 2017, through an illegal foreclosure had through identity theft and fraud upon the court. We now will win it back, we will prevail as we demand a jury trial...welcome to our home, we will welcome you at our door once again, pray for our success please. It is all based on counterfeit securities, credit via usurpation.

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/POWERSvBONYMetal/

This is me!

Everyday is a journey and for the last 12 plus years this journey has taken me to the depths of wanting to commit suicide, then up to the levels of knowing we are the change to end the genocide of injustices.

This song was a gift from a dear friend, Valerie Naif. Valerie knows the depths i have known and knows that we are capable of using our energy to win this  and we are, and so it is!! This is me!!

In love, light and peace,


a sample of the Communications sent by Powers over the years

Over the last 11 years Powers has reached out to every corner of law  enforcement, the purported banks, the servicers and the people working within all these entities buildings who have participated in the ponzi scheme of financial crimes against humanity. You will see Powers has litterally begged at times for remedy, consideration and to settle the matters as the parties have said they would, but never did. She offered tender when none was due, but offered to settle both sides of the books as an olive branch to end the crime spree against her family, estate and life. Now, you will read in awe how she did her best and the criminal bankers still went forward with Grand Larceny through fraud upon the court and assistance of  an Unlawful Detainer Judge in Newport Beach Superior Court. Judge McClarin gave her house away and through swat team and automatic assault weapons she was locked out of her property. From cease and desists to notice of crimes in process, this is just a small sample of communications Powers has directed for help over the years. If you are in this debacle of contract fraud and illegal seizure of your property Powers suggests you too send as much evidence to law enforcement, agencies and those delegated with the DUTY to protect you and your property. Powers believes that this section shows ALL  parties notified who allowed the crimes against the Powers family to continue are guilty of RICO. 

affidavit of documents send one without attachmentsDownload
notice of fraud in county records and POLICE REPORT illegal foreclosure report re val chris investments to sheriffs etc thomas peppersDownload
letter to DOJ fraud investigations unitDownload
letter to rich delmar with attachmentsDownload
motion to vacate UD OrtegaDownload
megan wagner attemps friend me on facebook she is spitzers contact for fraudDownload
fax to DRE and IRS for Notice to Orange County RegisterDownload
incident report october 7 2015Download
LEGAL NOTICE BRFLP publicationDownload
NOD BONY BofA etc 001Download
Sheriff Report 11 19 2014 001Download
SUE cease-and-desist-to-court-and-wolf-law-firm-etc.-OFFICE-OF-THE-CONSUMERDownload
email sent for stopping sale 8 8 2016 on same day to numerous parties involvedDownload


Powers has been in contact since before 2012 with the BONYM regarding her claims of forgeries, fraud, void assignments of Corporate Deed of Trusts and more. She has done all she can to remedy the wrongs and give the Defendants ample time to settle the matter with her outside of court, but the culprits have not come forward to settle . You will see here that BONYM denies any attachment to the purported foreclosure or property.

emails with alissa a reatz of bonyDownload
affidavit of documents send one without attachmentsDownload
gavin tsang confirms BONYM has no standingDownload

Nationwide Posting and Publication, Inc.

in 2013 Nationwide Posting and Publication, Inc. was dissolved. From 2013 to date the company name is still being used to assist the alleged Trustee/Beneficiaries in stealing homes, land, equity and lives of homeowners. Valerie Lopez and Rene' Powers are the owners of this name in California and claim that ALL foreclosures held since the dissolution of NP&P, Inc. are void, not voidable, but VOID. The women are registered with the California Secretary of State as the owners and as this fact comes to light more victims of this fraud need to come forward and demand the SOS and the California AG REVERSE all illegal foreclosures having used the company name since dissolution. The women gave cease and desist orders in April, to date the name is still being used by foreclosure mills stealing homes.

waiver of tort for nationwide publication and posting fatco june 21 2016Download
Nationwide posting and publication certificate of dissolutionDownload
Declaration of Valerie Lopez in Support of Plaintiff's Opposition to Quality's MTDDownload
letter from Rene as Secretary for Valerie to use in court Nationwide posting and publicationDownload
nationwide posting and publication picture with FATCODownload

Powers Files EVIDENCE of Crimes and Compensable DAMAGES

Within these download links you will read and see the degree of fraud and financial crimes against humanity involved. Through this case we bring awareness to the Ponzi Scheme of Banking Usurpation of our lands, property, rights, estates and equity. Our families and our nations deserve freedom from the pirates and tyranny deployed against us all. 

Justice ignored is Justice denied! We DEMAND Justice.

Powers first complaint filed Powers v BONYM et alDownload
Second Amemded ComplaintDownload
Motion for TRO draftDownload
Billie Powers_Third Amended ComplaintDownload
Declaration of Valerie Lopez in Support of Plaintiff's Opposition to Quality's MTDDownload
Declaration of Patrick Briggs in Suppt of Plaintiff's Opposition to Quality's MTDDownload
FILED Billie Powers Declaration in Support of Motion for Joinder of Banking Fraud ViolationsDownload
proposed statement to read in court march 5 - CopyDownload
TRO pdfDownload
Maneva's_Motion for JoinderDownload
Billie Powers_Declaration in Support of Opposition_BONY et al third amendedDownload
order to seal affidavit of Jane Doe-1Download



Seems Judge Carter is trying to give our case a few walls against success now. Have we hit too many bankster nerves? We sure have! 

The judge gave his first order, allowing a 4th amended complaint yet handcuffing our case to the wall, so we proceed to get the key and unlock the cuffs. We will not go away, give up or give in to the fraud upon the court attempting to sideline this case. 


we are adding the judges most unprofessional, unbelievable and outrageous order to the website, so give it a look. (actually it seems as if a first year law clerk or even one of the inept defense attorneys actually wrote it, but who knows)..We all know that the courts are doing all they can to stop the truth from getting out, but it can't be put back in the bottle.

We have many filings that have NOT made it on the docket as of this entry, only accepted as "stamped received". (see other link in this website for the documents held out of sight) We have the motion for reconsideration of Civil joinder of criminal actions and supporting documents, a preliminary injunction and supporting documents, a request for mediation, notices of discovery and interrogatories/admissions etc. none on the docket to see. 

We are the Silver Bullets and together we aim to end this fraud upon the courts, the people and end the Financial Crimes Against Humanity!

O-O-O Banks GOTTA GO! 

Give this a read, note that the name of Thomas Peppers having to be added is outrageous, the man and Plaintiff settled their court action in 2012, Peppers did 2 illegal foreclosures Powers fought and won, yet the judge is saying he has to be added as a defendant? Peppers is the same man SPS/MERS/BONYM attorney Steven Dailey lied to the judge about and had to admit Peppers did not own the property? Anyone seeing the problem here? Powers settled with him and now the judge is saying she has to add him to her lawsuit or she can't bring a 4th amended complaint? THAT would have Powers breaching her agreement with Peppers, more fraud upon the Plaintiff BY the court.

In the last hearing July 30 the judge was stern in this case NOT being frivolous and in proceeding on it's merits, yet this order strips the merits without due cause and violates the Plaintiffs rights to a fair and unbiased proceeding.

The errors, assumptions and opinions in this order are off point, not factual, have left out Plaintiffs facts brought forth and have not been put yet to a jury to decide, seems a rough go for us now, but we don't believe in rough goes...and so it goes we keep fighting for our win against judicial corruption and fraud upon the court!

Order to Dismiss 9 19 2018Download

Documents only stamped received NOT filed

On August 10 Powers and Collicott went to the clerk to record documents, on Sept 23 only three were filed, regarding removal of Angela Swan as attorney fired. It was not until Sept 19 the judge actually removed her, a FULL month and a half later. It's all counterfeit securities! 

On that same day the Motion for reconsideration of Civil Joinder of Criminal Actions and supporting documents were taken, only stamped received and still not docketed.

On Friday September 14 Powers again took documents to file, knowing she was being sabotaged by Swan not being removed off of the case. No other attorney would help as the judge was delaying and not allowing things to be seen on the docket, seemingly to help sabotage the case.

A motion for preliminary injunction, request for mediation, notice of admissions, discovery and interrogatories, and none are docketed.

This is a section of documents yet to be recorded, but stamped by the clerk received. and yes, ALL were served on Defendants. It is all counterfeit securities.

Motion for Reconsideration Final Cut2Download
corrected Billie Powers Declaration in Support ofRECONSIDERATION OF CRIMINAL CLAIMSDownload
Billie Powers_Proposed Order Granting Plaintiff's Motion For ReconsiderationDownload
LAST Final Powers TRO sept 2018Download
FINAL Powers Declaration in Support of TRO sept 2018Download
final proposed order for injunctive relief sept 2018Download
Notice of request by plaintiff to seek mediation through ADR Services incDownload
notice of Attorney signed request for approval of sub or withdrawl sept 2018Download
notice of interrogatories sentDownload
Powers 1st. Admissions (1)Download

Articles by Powers

As an advocate for financial reform Powers has written many articles about what it means to research and uncover the fraud stealing the breath out of our bodies as the bankers and foreclosure mill attorneys destroy lives, just because they can. The attorneys pretending to work for the banks attack, trespass upon, violate, use fraud upon the court, bribe judges, demean and humiliate men and women across the lands as they literally steal residential real property, estates, inheritances, identities and the actual lives of people around the globe. These articles are for your enjoyment, but for truth to be investigated, do your research and learn, THIS IS THE BIGGEST PONZI SCHEME AGAINST HUMANITY IN THE WORLD!