The FACTS prove that the bankers and poliiticians created a ponzi scheme with a plan to keep homeowners in litigation and without support. The plan was to steal all our land, homes, estates and lives, it was a devious plan...but then the STORM hit, The homeowners fight back and become the MOAB of STORMS! This will not end until the criminals are indicted, in jail and some maybe even, hung. (yes, hung for treason against America and we the people!)


There are no loans. By design the foreclosure crisis was played out through the use of artificial intelligence created by data mining with the use of patents and MERS. Without the help of law enforcement, the courts and public servants the scheme would not have worked. The Wells Fargo Hearings reveal all, WF is not an anomaly.


Through networking for over 12 years Powers has brought together the people with conclusive evidence. She will not stop  until the fraud is abolished, which means ABOLISHING THE BANKERS and their RICO crew! Get on the Sledegehammer team and support all the cases you can, make noise, share the cases and feel the wind in our sales. We ARE the Republic, We are the Peaceful Revolution.

RENEE YAMAGISHI v BofA, N.A. et al foreclosure fraud

There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about Renee's years of battle with the banksters and foreclosure mills.. We hope you enjoy her site and the valuable experience she shares..

Renee says, " WE ARE IN BETWEEN ACTIVE LAWSUITS  and have obtained the necessary clarity for next steps aimed at reasonable, judicious, logical, and studied COMPROMISE  as adversaries   continue to publish online auction date of February 19, 2019.  After repeated refusals to negotiate voluntarily in good faith, our adversaries force us yet again into litigation.  Current status: the Federal Court will hear two motions:  1) to Reopen   2)  for Remand back to State case.  If neither works we mobilize for Plan B, or if necessary Plan C."

her Docket: https://dockets.justia.com/docket/california/candce/4:2014cv05293/282680

Renee's website and valuable information


Click on the attached link to review an 8-year history of HARIHAR v. US BANK et al, Appeal No. 17-1381 (and related litigation) which evidences CORRUPTION between Banking and Government at a very high level. The US Foreclosure Crisis is arguably considered the largest case of FRAUD in the history of The United States, evidenced in FULL PUBLIC VIEW by pro se litigant, MOHAN A HARIHAR (Appellant/Plaintiff). Judicial misconduct has been evidenced at EVERY level of the Federal & State Judiciaries, including SCOTUS. A Petition for Writ of Certiorari is now being prepared to present before SCOTUS. If corrective action is NOT initiated, an American-born citizen of The United States will have exhausted ALL legal avenues available to him in his country, showing cause to next bring before the World Court in the Netherlands @ The Hague. This Foreclosure Crisis has not limited to the US; it has been a GLOBAL issue. Now imagine what will happen to the reputation of The United States, if the integrity OUR Judicial system is considered compromised; and viewed around the globe as a systemic failure. 



 update. The Supreme Court had to rule on McCarthys side in appeal due to a simple comma...yes, a simple comma changed the FDCPA meaning to be clouded regarding Debt Collectors. Although the Justices did say it was much closer than the decision shows. Why? Because now CONGRESS must fix the cloud and correct the verbiage so that the comma is not there and the clarity is that anyone collecting and taking homes for an alleged Debt IS A DEBT COLLECTOR!! Congresswoman Maxine Waters did an amicus curiae for Obduskey in support of the action he brought. Waters is now on Powers case and Obduskey and Powers are working together too. From Congress to the Supreme Courts it is well known that all is fraud, now we fix this mess!!

Dennis Obduskey obtained an alleged mortgage loan for $329,940 in 2007. The alleged loan was serviced by Wells Fargo. Obduskey defaulted on the loan in 2009. Over the next six years foreclosure proceedings were initiated several times, but never completed. Obduskey’s alleged loan remained in default, and in 2014 the bank hired the law firm of McCarthy & Holthus LLP to pursue non-judicial foreclosure proceedings against him. McCarthy sent Obduskey a letter informing him that it had been instructed to begin foreclosure proceedings, and Obduskey responded to the letter disputing the debt. The firm initiated a foreclosure action in May 2015. Obduskey sued McCarthy and Wells Fargo, alleging, among other things, a violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). The district court granted the defendants’ motions to dismiss on all claims, and noted disagreement among courts as to whether the FDCPA applied to non-judicial foreclosure proceedings.  HE APPEALS AND IS AT THE SUPREME COURT.                                                                                                 


ALICIA CALDWELL KESLER v COUNTRYWIDE HOME LOANS et al/incl Select Portfolio Services Inc.

 On 13 May 2002, Alicia Kesler financed her house for $156,800 through Countrywide Home Loans, and trustee eTitle, a subsidiary operation of Scott Lundberg.
On September 25, 2017, Alicia's house was sold at public auction by her trustee, eTitle, a subsidiary of Scott Lundberg, to RM Associates, a casual associate of Scott Lundberg, for $241,700.
Alicia received $3,000 of the excess sale proceeds over the collateral value of 233,800.
This transaction locked in Alicia's loss in equity value of ~$107,000, which we have requested to be confirmed by a special master from the Mortgage Fraud Task Group, established in 2012.  The RICO association has received an offsetting cash profit of ~$107,000, an interest payment flow that is unaccounted, and a house currently valued for tax purposes of $288,000, for a total enrichment greater than $475,000.
Alicia represents a CLASS of individuals who have been so victimized.




This qui tam piggy backs off of the POWERS v BONYM et al case. The whistle blowers and interested parties within the Powers case are all participants in evidencing the financial crimes against humanity. This case explains how Judge Carter destroyed evidence of crimes and explains why the people must have their remedy. Faith has done an excellent job and we are ready to cross the finish line ending the Banker/Judicial/Public Servant FRAUD!

Words from Faith. "We are proud members of  DISPOSSESSED HOMEOWNERS who have been beaten, threatened, held at gun point, on the front lines as advocates against crimes against humanity at large. These crimes are international.

Most of whom have been retaliated against, and many of which have been thrown out of their home through misuse of sheriff's force, audited without cause and some even arrested not for anything we have done, but for what we know.

The people behind this site, are ALL whistle blowers, we have Ex CIA, EX FBI, EX IRS, EX Attorneys, Investigative Journalists, EX DOJ, and volunteer Federal Witness' of mortgage crimes. We are the EX-Men and EX-woman many have tried to bury.

It is sad to say that not all of us survived in bringing this information to you, and to those brave men and women, whom were murdered, died, or fell ill in this fight to shed a light on these defalcations of injustice are warmly remembered. We thank you for your service.

DisLeague are the ones who hold a vested interest in the outcome of MANKIND, and WE are the ones who intend to bring forth a GRRR Act to unwind the corruption lead by a system designed to smite us as system blights via the substitutions of Human Beings into Cost of Funds Index's and the substitution of housing into the Federal US Housing Bond Market.

Translated into layman terms - If you lost your home to the banks via contracting with the banking industries mortgage pass through system, known to us as the Member Enterprise Racketeering Scheme AKA the MERS System.

If you were a part of a National Mortgage Settlement scheme in uniform with Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae under MERS and have a Fannie Mae 911 subsidy proclaiming to be the original lender of a mortgage never lent.

If you wondered why the federalized banking industry was allowed to "Duel Track".

We are the ones who know what they did, how they did it, and why they are still doing it.

We ARE the LEAUGE THAT INTENDS to make those responsible pay for their dirty deeds. WE as a Nation can NEVER be made whole by what is forever forged in our minds as the #GreatMortgageCrisis still very much alive and active.

We do not Practice Law. @DisLeague is a Discovery Enforcement League... Apart, they are picking us off one by one. Together we WILL make the Nation Great Again, no matter who thinks they are in charge!

Why us…. Because Dis-League's got BACK! Go forth and Share the Love!"

Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption | The White House 



 November 29, 2018 · 

From Paul Muckle


I'm still standing, but will this be my last dance?

So here is the situation, I just received notice that the United States Supreme Court has filed my petition for writ of certiorari, which means that they have filed my petition asking the highest court in the country to hear my civil complaint against Wells Fargo Banks and its attorneys who teamed up with and illegally conspired with the United States Marshal Services Protective Intelligence Unit, a federal judge, the Boston and Brockton Police, and the Suffolk County District Attorney Office to threaten and intimidate me, then after those tactics did not work, to arrest, charge, convict, and incarcerate me to stop me from exposing and fighting against mortgage fraud and the judicial corruption which has facilitate the bank's financial terror attack upon the People. They placed a GPS bracelet on my ankle for 666 days so they could track me and they locked me up over 15 times from 2012 to 2014, the first time for 4 days, then 60 days, then several times for overnight or just a few hours, then for 10 months, they took my house and sold it, and they destroyed or caused to be stolen every single material thing I owned in the world while I was illegal incarcerated. Anyway, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court vacated the conviction o which they had me in jail on because the conviction and incarceration were illegal; the Boston Municipal Court did not have jurisdiction over that charge. I sue the defendants, but the federal courts have been defending and protecting the defendants, so I am asking the U.S Supreme Court to hear the case. I already know that it is an almost insurmountable obstacle I face before I win a majority of the Justices vote to grant the petition, I need at least 4 Justices to vote to accept the case, I already have two votes I know i can count on, they are My Two Rainbows placed there specifically in anticipation of My Coming; will they remember their Mission and recruit two more Rainbows?
The statistics say that only 1% of petitions filed in the U.S Supreme Court are accepted while the rest are rejected, those odds does not scare nor do they discourage me, in fact, I embrace the odds against me; the harder they come the harder they will fall, however, whether the Supreme Court grants my petition or not, the truth is that I have fought a brave and valiant war, and I will be at peace with myself in knowing that I never gave up or gave in, I fought this case all the way from the State Court to the U.S Supreme Court, from the very first filing of my original complaint on July 25, 2007, to the last ruling by the federal Appeals Court siding with the banks and the defendants on August 20, 2018. It has been an 11 years unrelenting war. In all the horrible things these people did to me, threatening me the loss of my house and with death if I did not stop fighting the banks, the mental torture of them tampering with the GPS so they could lock me up on false claims that I tampered with it, the mental anguish from them constantly arresting me 15 times on false claim that I tampered with the GPS, the way they threatened me with death and arrests, the way they tried to break me, I did not break nor did I lay down and give up, I did not commit any violence nor crime against them, I fought this battle from beginning to end in the courts and the Internet, and as badly as they pound me I' still standing strong enough to be able to file this petition. Writing the petition took every last ounce of mental and spiritual strength left in me. I almost gave up several times, I had 90 days to write it, but I only began to write it on the 87th day, which left me only 2 days to write and file it because the 90th day was Sunday November 18, the post office are not open on Sundays, therefore I had to finish it by Saturday the 17th and get the post office to stamp it that sam day, I stayed up for a total of 46 hours straight without sleep or rest to write and file this brief at the post office by 4:30 when the last post office close on Saturday November 18 , but I failed to meet the Saturday deadline 0f 4:30, but found out that FedEx opened till 6:00 PM. I tried to make the FedEx 6:30 deadline, but time ran out on me while making the copies and putting everything together at Staples, but I got lucky because UPS was opened till closing at 8:00PM in Staples, So I tried to finish before *in Staple so that I could have it post -marked by UPS on the 17, but again time ran out on me because I had to make 10 copies of everything, bugt the good news was the UPS would be opened on Sunday, the Deadline, and that was great because I had made several errors in the petition, so I had a few more hours to correct the errors, and So I was able to file on time on Sunday November 18, 2018 by handing the package over to UPS which stamped it on Sunday November 18th, 2018, My petition was timely filed.
I almost gave up, but I pushed forward, therefore even if they deny my petition I can still be proud of Myself.
The War continues, "Someone will have to pay for the innocent blood that they shed every day, People mark My Words."
This is where I stand after 11 years of unrelenting and intense spiritual, mental, and physical warfare against the financial oligarchy which runs this country and calls itself an elected government. This war began over 11 years ago on July 25, 2007.
TO BE CONTINUED..............


National Whistle Blowers Day 7-30-2019

Join Whistle Blowers for a walk around the grounds of the Orange County Recorders Office in Santa Ana California. July 30, 2019 from 11 am to 12 noon. There is an area for eating if you would like to bring your lunch, just bring your voice and join us in this Peaceful Revolution! Last July 30 Judge David Carter ordered Whistle blower evidence destroyed! We reunite to end the fraud upon the courts.